Sonangol launches the Lobito call for tenders

Energia-africa juillet 12, 2021
Updated 2021/07/12 at 9:50 AM

The National Fuel Company of Angola Sonangol launched on July 9 a public call for tenders for the selection of the entities that will make up the corporate structure of the company that owns the Lobito refinery and the project funders. According to ANGOP, candidates for the public call for tenders have four months to present their proposals to the National Fuel Company (Sonangol).

The country imports 80% of the fuel and to reverse this scenario, the Executive is working on the transformation of crude oil, as part of the 2018/2022 national development plan, which includes the Lobito refinery.

In his speech, the Minister of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas, Diamantino de Azevedo, revealed that Sonaref, with a daily production of 200,000 barrels, will have the capacity to absorb eight thousand direct and indirect jobs in the phase construction and more than four thousand in the production phase, thus contributing to the reduction of the unemployment rate.

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